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OTA Board of Directors
Marius C. Stan, OTA President Marius C. Stan started playing tennis at the age of 7 on the scarce courts in Bucharest, Romania. He has enjoyed success during his junior and college career, and has been coaching for the past three years. Most recently, he became the Director of Tennis at the East Brunswick Racquet Club, where he is currently training top ranked juniors as well as USTA teams.
Joe Gripaldi, Men's Vice President Joe Gripaldi, Vice President
Denise Grippaldi, Women's Vice President Denise Gripaldi, Vice President
Sharri Schiler, Treasurer SHARI DLOSS-SCHILLER-Treasurer-Shari has been hitting a tennis ball for 30 years but just started playing about 10 years ago. She joined OTA's womans doubles league 3 years ago and last year played singles for the first time.
Rob Armbrust, Secretary Rob Armburst, Secretary
Dago Pinol, Web Master Dago Pinol, Web Master
Lou Hernandez, Captain Lou Hernandez, Captain
Irma DeMarzo, Captain Irma Demarzo, Captain