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Message From Our President

March 30, 2010 01:31 PM

    As we embark on an O.T.A. journey into a new year, we are looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the new season.  As always, our continued success is directly related to the efforts and dedication of all our members, for without you, we would not have achieved last year all that we set out to do!

    As always, the past year was a busy and fulfilling one.  We continue to see an increase in our association’s membership which has officially gone over the 500 mark.  WOW.   We spent an incredible day at the U.S. Open by way of our annual U.S. Open bus trip.  As we have enjoyed sold-out success every year, I would recommend any member wishing to attend this year's trip to order your tickets now; (for more info. click on "OTA Highlights").  For those of you who have been playing at the Bey Lea Tennis Complex, we trust you have enjoyed the new courts and upgraded lighting.   The township is also close to approving the construction of an indoor tennis facility.  The support of our OTA members continues to be imperative at this time.

    We are very excited to mention that all of our Executive Board members have decided to continue their commitment for this year.  As always, we are actively searching for members to volunteer their time to become involved.  Without all of your efforts, from captains to players, our organization would be hard pressed to thrive.

    Presently, we have been busy planning the upcoming year's events, to which I would personally like to invite all of you.  From the initial "Spring Kick-Off Party" to the culminating U.S. Open bus trip, please read through the highlights in this newsletter to find many of the exciting events we have planned for this year.
    Have an exciting summer.  Thank you for all of your support, and I’ll see you on the courts.

Joseph Grippaldi

OTA President