Ocean Tennis Association

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Men's Singles "A" Division:

Champion:  Barry Recht       

     Finalist:  Rudy Tresvalles    

 3rd place:  Al Manetti

Men's Singles "B/C" Division:

Champion:  Adam Geib        

     Finalist:  Michael Vervier    

 3rd place:  George Dinger

Men's Singles "40 " Division:

Champion:  Tom Bulat         

     Finalist:  Asghar Ali              

 3rd place:  Tony Cervellino

Men's Singles "55 " Division:

Champion:  Harvey Taub      

     Finalist:  Larry Thiede  

Men's Doubles "A" Division:

Champions:  Ron Schiller and Rudy Tresvalles

     Finalists:  Al Manetti and Barry Recht            

   3rd place:  Don Rathbauer and Michael Rutz

Men's Doubles "B" Division:

Champions:  Herbert Billich and Chris Corallo

     Finalists:  Chris Gojdics and Michael Vervier        

Women's Singles "B" Division:

Champion:  Debbie Eisen        

     Finalist:  Debbie Beckwith      

 3rd place:  Shari Schiller   

Women's Doubles "A" Division:

Champions:  Irma DeMarzo and Suyuan Su

     Finalists:  Jill Burt and Sarah Punderson           

   3rd place:  Barbara Ambler and Denise Grippaldi 

Women's Doubles "B" Division:

Champions:  Sue McIndoe and Shari Schiller

     Finalists:  Carol Liguori and Karen Potaski           

   3rd place:  Connie Andreach and Nancy Clark 

Women's Doubles "C" Division:

Champions:  Betty Lietz and Barbara Pilot

     Finalists:  Robin O'Brien and Trudy Stranford           

   3rd place:  Barbara Bowen and Joanne Dagato 

Mixed Doubles "55 " Division:

Champions:  Jim McQuillan and Florence Robertori

JUNIORS:  Boy's Varsity Division:       

Champion:  Steve Kowalski

     Finalist:  Will Zurich   

 3rd place:  Joe Grippaldi